“Body & Soul” Female Ensemble was created through our fall 2019 Community project “African Dance and Drumming through Body and Spirit”. Nathifa Dance Company’s “Body & Soul” is a grassroots, community, all-female percussionist and dance company. With a focus to educate and connect individual women to their culture, we use African dance and drumming to reach our goal of encouraging other women to make better health choices in their diets, routines, and exercise. As dancers, we should embrace ourselves as Queens and Goddesses. Our activities includes deep meditation and breathing exercises, learning traditional African dances, drumming, singing songs, and including other musical activities that help build relationship to music and dance. We endeavor to utilize these activities to penetrate and expand our minds, and broaden the cultural experiences throughout our “body and souls”. African dancing is a whole-body workout that is actually fun! It is good for your heart, strengthens your body, and it can help with balance and coordination as well as building self-esteem.