West African Dance

This class educates students of all ages on West African dances from Guinea, Mali, and Senegal. Students are taught songs, costuming, and history on how African dances relate to social, hip hop, and praise dances.

Traditional Praise Dance ( Private Classes or Small Group )

These workshops, classes, or private sessions help dancers strengthen and develop their techniques for spiritual worship or personal use. It’s ideal for those who lead dance ministries or other dance programs. Fees are set up to help accommodate each individual at an affordable price.

Cow Bell, Djembe & Doun-Doun Drums

Students are taught the techniques and rhythms that complement West African dances. Coupled with African Dance, this style of drumming has a communication relationship that explains the story fo dance. West African drumming also has a unique way of helping teach students to feel rhythm and develop a sense for it. It is also good for honing discipline and focusing skills.

Preschool Dance & Movement

Through dance & movement children are taught body awareness, translation of sounds, directions and rhythm. It also helps develop preschool coordination and increase motor skills. This class is ideal for ages 2 through 5.

Artist & Residency Programs

This program is designed to help teachers integrate the art of dance into their curriculum. Workshops are provided for teachers and students, from 3rd grade to 5th grade. Regardless of the student’s dance skill, research has shown that this dance form is effective in promoting a higher quality of life. Therefore, students will benefit in two ways: they will have received an integrated exposure to the arts through African dance, and they will also build more confidence and self esteem for life.