Nathifa (nah-thee-fa) Nathifa Dance Company & Outreach Inc (NDCO) was established in 1992, and In April 2006 we were established as a 501c3 non- profit organization. It is our focus to bring artistic value to young underserved people creating strong, confident community oriented individuals. We are professionally skilled in teaching, educating and entertaining others in traditional West African, Caribbean and African-American folklore dance and drumming. 

Our Vision is to have a vibrant multi-cultural community rich in heritage, translating people into forming a positive self-image, high self-esteem, and self-pride through the arts. 

Our Mission  is to educate, instruct and provide the teaching of cultural arts, dance and musical drama to deprived, low-to-moderate income individuals, families, minorities and other disenfranchised groups of people.