LaVondia Bryant-Square- is gifted with talented professionals and volunteers who are well equipped to bring projects to fruition…


Introducing the NDC Performing Company Members:



LaVondia Bryant-Square:

the Artistic Director, possesses a background as a professional dancer and choreographer, in addition to her long-term administrative experience. She began her extensive theatrical and dance training at a young age. She was taught West African and modern dance with renowned instructors; Al Perryman, Charles Moore, Alvin Ailey American Dance Company, African & Caribbean Dance studies directorship of King Sundiata Keite of the Omowale Afrikan Dancers and Cultural Society based in Detroit, MI and Atlanta, GA with Fa’Neye Fa’, Uhuru Dancers, Inc., and Giwayen Mata. She also received the Fellow Ship grant from the State Council on the Arts to attend the Kankouran West African Dance conference in Washington, D.C Yousouff Koumbassa. She was granted the Individual Grant through the Cultural Arts Alliance of the Medici Society Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ireland Pigford. In September 2007 she was granted the Individual Grant through the Cultural Arts Alliance of the Medici Society Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ireland Pigford. She has served in dual roles as executive and artistic directors at Nathifa Dance Company and Outreach for over 23 years.




Dennis Harris:

local percussionist in Congo and Dejembe drumming for over 30 years. Dennis Harris, better known as Ajamu, started drumming at a young age.  His journey as a drummer started with instructors such as Master Drummer Harold “Atu” Murray- a local and nationally known artist who lived and studied drumming in Ghana and was a member of the Birmingham African Dance Coalition;  King Sundiata Keita- the artistic director of the Omawale African Dancers and Cultural Society of Detroit, Michigan, and Talladega College Dance Company and Umdabu South African Dance Company; and Scuplture Essence, Donna Edward Todd.  Dennis  is also one of the lead drummers for NDC & Outreach Inc.


Nkosi Lateef Johnson:nkosi-bio-pic

Bborn August 18, 1994. At Nkosi’s first birthday celebration he received his first djembe drum. At this point he began to learn the drum as the heart beat of his body. His first Television performance was at the age of fifteen months on “Dean and Company”.  His African training started under the instructorship of his father, one of Birmingham’s professional drummers, “Edmond Barry Johnson”.  By the age of six he began to expand his training under other professional drummers such as  Roz Loci Keite, Master Drummer of King Sundiata Keite of the Omowale African Dancers and Cultural Society, and Solomon Sholanke, of Osumare African Drum and Dance Ensemble.  He also studied Orff and drum sets with Dr. Joe Jenkins at the Kids Music Center here in Birmingham, AL.   He is presently drumming under Nathifa Dance Company and tours the rural performances with the Alabama Dance Council of The Arts.  Other than drumming, his hobbies include drawing, learning about many animals, and spending time with his family.



Ashlee Binford:

Performing artist in creative dance, praise dance ministry and a member of Nathifa Dance Company and performing vocal artists.





Erica Allen:

Percussionist and drummer.  Erica performed with Jazz Hall of Framer, Jim Lowe Sr.  She is a drummer for Holy Trinity Church and many local jazz groups,  and she has recently been recruited for Nathifa Dance Company as base drummer.







Alfrenna Whitter:

Has a strong passion for the art of dance and conducts strong leadership with the Guiding Light Dance Ministry team.  She is presently studying African dance under LaVondia Bryant-Square,  Artist Director of Nathifa Dance Company, and she performs and teaches with the Ntouring company. Alfreena also tours the Rural Tour Program through the Alabama Dance Council on The Arts.


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